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    I don’t understand php, so mayby someone can help me here.

    I have the issue that the tabs here:

    Don’t have classes assigned to them. They should have a class called “reviews_tab” and additional_description_tab” assigned to the li

    I can find this in the theme files:

    function jigoshop_output_product_data_tabs() {       
        global $_product;
        if ( get_the_content() == '' && ! yiw_if_related() && ! $_product->has_attributes() && ! comments_open() )
        if ( yiw_if_related() )
           $current_tab = '#related-products';
        elseif ( get_the_content() != '' )     
           $current_tab = '#tab-description';
        elseif ( comments_open() )     
           $current_tab = '#tab-reviews';
        elseif ( $_product->has_attributes() )     
           $current_tab = '#tab-attributes';
        <div id="product-tabs">
            <ul class="tabs">
                <?php do_action('jigoshop_product_tabs', $current_tab); ?>
            <div class="containers">
              <?php do_action('jigoshop_product_tab_panels'); ?>

    I’m guessing that’s where the action is. But how do I had the classes?


    You are talking about the li children of the .tabs ul right?

    Since by the looks that the tabs are generated by the ‘jigoshop’ plugin its probably not recommended to change any of the functions of that plugin because its possible that your changes get overwritten when you update the plugin.

    In saying that you could look for the jigoshop_product_tabs function and manually add your classes into the loop.

    If it were me I would probably target the li with a specific css instead. (If the only reason is for styling)

    For example:

    #product-tabs ul.tabs li  {
        /* styles */

    That code was from my theme.

    The thing is, as you may have noticed, that the tabs don’t really work. The content is just lined up underneath each other. And I don’t know how get them to work. I figured it was because they didn’t have the right classes assigned to them. Now I’m beginning to think it’s a .js-problem.

    This is the same theme, but here they work:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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