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    Hello. I want to have a “From The Blog” section in my site. And I want to show the latest post here in CSS-Tricks. Can I do that? Or how can I do that?
    And do I have to ask permission to Chris’ or any other blog sites like Smashing Magazine if I want to add their latest post on my site?

    It’s just the title linked to the original site anyway, not the whole article.

    Thank you.


    Unless your manually adding the titles there wouldn’t be a way to automatically collect new articles unless you had access to an API within the source with WordPress doesn’t have and I’m 99.99% sure Smashing Magazine doesn’t have either.

    As for sharing the articles that is 100% fine, they are publicly visible for all eyes to see so getting link backs from other sites actually improves the amount of community traffic the site would get.


    You can add new posts from another source automatically by using an RSS plugin in wordpress, I’ve done that myself recently on a site I built. You can either use it to display post titles from an RSS feed and then link out to the post on the source site, or you can actually display entire posts on your own site. The 1st option you wouldn’t need permission for as you’re just directing people to their site, but for the 2nd option you would most definitely need permission, and it’s very unlikely that you’d get it as you’re essentially taking away from their traffic and potential earnings from creating that article.

    Oh and PS happy thanksgiving!


    Thanks guys…Happy Thanksgiving too..

    Are there no really ways of auto collecting it because manually inputting them would be a lot of work(updating daily=yikes!). My site is NOT on WordPress, it’s just a standard html/css site.

    It would be COOL if it can but it’s OK if it can’t. I’ll just remove the ‘From The Blog’ section of my site.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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