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    I would like to achieve the same effect than the visual below the hr of this pen (see in full screen to understand the problem) :

    I’ve got one container with some random inline-block content. In the real case, each child have their own width depending on their own content. After this container, there is another element.

    When there is enough width, all the elements are on the same line, which is perfect. But if you resize the window, there is a moment when the last green child will go to a new line leaving a blank in the first line. Why the red container continue to expand to the right in this case ? Is there a way to make it stop this behavior ? When the last green child go to line I would like that the red container don’t expand more than the width needed for the longest line.

    Thank you


    Hi, have you tried to put a max-width:70%; on the parent DIV


    Hi beedesigned,

    I can’t define a specific width. Consider that the green children could be of any size. In certain case, the total width of all those green children could be more than 70% of the page.


    No..that’s not possible…that’s not the way inline boxes work.

    Here…I think this is a great answer over on Stack Overflow


    Thanks for the link, can’t be clearer. Never heard this shrink-to-fit width. Thanks also for your comment about flexbox.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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