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    Hello Dear,

    I am using action in photoshop to change in bulk icon color but there is problem there are being saved with (COPY) suffix. but i want to save as exact name. please tell me what should i do to resolve it.


    What do you mean “I am using action in photoshop to change in bulk icon color”?

    When working on an original image in PS, the default is .psd. If I need to change it, I open the file in PS and save it; there is no change to the name, only the contents.

    If I ever want to make changes to a file on my computer, but want to keep the original, I copy the original, then paste the copy.

    For example, I am working on creating my own periodic table of elements.
    For this page, I am writing a HTML page.

    This file has the name PTE.html; if I want to keep the original code, but make changes without disturbing the original files, I copy and paste the original.
    The new file has the name PTE – Copy.html; do it again and it names the new file PTE – Copy (2).html.

    From there, I just rename the file to whatever I want.

    Do you have any images to explain your issue?


    Actions in Photoshop are macros thar perform a sequence of recorded effects.

    If you apply an action to a folder of images it will perform that action on all of them at the same time.

    As for what the OP is asking, thats probably a setting in PS but I don’t access to my copy of PS right now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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