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    @TheDoc, thank u. The nav tag and the class nav are serving different purposes. The nav tag is 100% width, the nav class is 1000px with margin:0 auto

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    Still unneeded divs in there. Instead of having a `

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    I can see it. I really need to learn how to write well structured, semantic and clean html/css. Thanks a lot.

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    No problem. I think that’s the biggest problem for people just starting out. They’ll say that they’ve mastered HTML and CSS but will have really fundamental problems like that. But they want to learn *so much* so quickly that they skip over the small details that make you *truly* master a language. It took me about five years before I even started to look into JavaScript because I didn’t feel I had really become fluent in HTML and CSS (which I believe are the two most important foundation blocks for front-end developers).

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    I’ll be honest and admit that I have that problem too. I too do want to learn all of the things. but I believe that I am moving too fast and should continue working on small stuff. thanks for the insight and your honesty. it’s not easy admitting it. but i too need to focus more! and @CodeGraphics i love your work with noise backgrounds ! adds that extra flair. visually appealing but i too have noticed a few of your layouts do repeat the grid for things being in 3 columns. try breaking that up. but appropriately. keep up the good work my man!

    and about the whole class of logo in the a. there’s things like that that I too don’t think about.

    # June 23, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    > I really need to learn how to write well structured, semantic and clean html/css.

    Wrapping elements with `div` is not semantically wrong. Divs are used to logically group elements. It might be messy or unnecessary. but certainly not wrong.

    As for the design, it’s not done so it’s pointless to give feedback… I think if you ask for feedback about specific feature that you need help with, then we can give you some constructive criticism that actually helps. LIke this you’ll get random thoughts that you can’t really act upon.

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