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    Behind a fancy name is just a question if such a tool exist.

    Case scenario: we got on hands over a client CMS, core using bootstrap, skins using materialize, plenty of self developments made, and something “do not work and are ugly” (ye… customers…)

    And once check that the js do not overlap, it is time for CSS, and a plenty bunch of them …

    Is there any tool were we can load all CSS files for an HTML and it analyses which elements can override between themselves?

    I envision the tool as something that goes over all the HTML, building all the styles apply to each HTML element, and all that inherit from parents and analyse the overrides in different “impact levels” as is not the same an override within the same CSS file, a similar file, or a total different one (from another framework). May the tool should also allow/provide classification of “CSS files families” ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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