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    I know nothing about PHP and am now rather confused. I want a contact form for my online portfolio. I don’t want to have to pay some third party to keep track of everything. I don’t want to use some free third party group to keep track of the information, mainly because I don’t want to violate the privacy of anyone who uses my contact form. I’d like to use the A Nice & Simple Contact Form with reCAPTCHA seen here

    My problems are:
    1. How do I customize the form to have my codes from reCAPTCHA instead of the ones there when I downlaoded it. (I have gone to reCAPTCHA and gotten my own.) I do not know which of the files I need to modify or how to modify them.

    2. Can I add a spot for people to write a subject line? So that it would be different with each email. (If so: how?)

    3. How do I add the form to the html page on my website where I want it to appear?

    4. How can I organize the form to look more like the one seen here:

    I am fairly sure my web provider ( gave me php so that should not be a problem.

    # December 29, 2009 at 1:25 pm
    I do not know which of the files I need to modify or how to modify them.


    I suggest that before you start jumping in and trying to edit PHP based files, you should probably learn PHP. There are a huge number of resources to learn from (one of which has already been posted). Taking the time to learn PHP will be vary rewarding later on and prevent situations such as this.

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