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    I know this is off subject, but I figured if I liked a good “who did it” show then most people here would like it to if they have not already seen it. “Sherlock” on the BBC network is with no question one of the best tv series I have ever seen. I will even take it another step and say it is up there with some of the best all time movies I have seen. The series started in 2010 and is going into series 3 this coming fall. Each series consist of only 3 shows, but those shows are 2 hours long. They are movies within them selves. All I can say is the end of season 2 is epic!
    Thought I would share it with those who may have not heard of it yet.


    Thanks, with Supernatural and Game of Thrones closing in to the end of the season I needed something to watch ;)


    thanks for the update i am fan of sherlock books, tv series and movies
    well being in India i dont hav access to BBC but still i try to download and watch supernatural, sherlock, big bang and currently i am watchin Arrow on Star World
    thats one thing out west which i love “the tv series u guyz make are better than many bollywood movies and definitely beter from indian tv serials “


    Appreciate the info – I’m a big Holmes fan.

    Hadn’t heard of this, and I don’t have access to BBC anyway, but I’ll look for it.

    The best Holmes series I’ve seen is the one (originally from PBS, I believe) starring Jeremy Brett. Brett absolutely nailed Sherlock’s mannerisms and eccentricities. I think they’re available on DVD, and I highly recommend them

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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