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    Hi folks, first time poster here.

    I’m building a site for a client which is going to have many pages to it – many parts repeating the same code. Maybe I pulled this out of thin air, but can you make php templates of basic html/css structures to apply to any page? This is so that, down the road, if I want to make a change in the html, to say, a sidebar, it affects every single page with that sidebar. To clarify, the concept of how external CSS files affect every css element selected on the entire site, just now for html.

    Secondly, how is it possible for the site to automatically create a new page whenever a form is submitted? Similar how to these forums work – a user submits a form to create, say, a profile (use facebook as an example). Can this be achieved with php/mysql only?

    Lastly, say I wanted tooltips whenever a certain word popped up. Would the best way to achieve this just to make css classes for the tooltips and then trigger them with a php if/ statement? Or is there another way without server-side scripting?

    Thanks for your knowledge.

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