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    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to post my first few examples of some prototypes I have whipped up.

    In this first one I wanted to wrap my head around relative positioning, and also wanted to ‘break out of the box css-model’ (or at least cast the illusion…. so I created this

    This next one is a flash menu I was working on a while back, I have since stopped working on it, but I will finish it someday.

    The last one is my first WordPress Theme, Simple but I like it. (I broke it a little today by gettng rid of the transparent .png files. so the background doesn’t match perfectly…) Work in Progress….

    Please let me know of anything you catch, that I might need to change or fix… or be careful of… and let me knowwhat you think…


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    hey dude – nice work there, I like the floaty buttons, not seen that before :)

    Your WP theme is very nice, I see where you have killed the bg image, but you know about that :) sooo I think the only thing I would do is say give it a footer that kinda matches the top maybe.

    The page fading out is really nice, but after a good few scrolls down gets a little boring. So I thought maybe fading in or having a footer might ballance it out a little.

    Other than that I think you menu text should be a little higher contrast and thats about it. Very nice template :D

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    you might think about having a fish or two or maybe a shark swim by every so often on your flash menu. Really give the illusion of water.

    # December 2, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Thanks for the feedback!

    @Robskiwarrior- I like that you brought up the fact of tying in the footer, that is my next step, because It is indeed quite boring once it scrolls to just white…

    @ cybershot- the idea of a fish or something is a great one- I can also maybe see some bubbles, like a fishtank air-filter. Originally it was slated as a jello button nav, and the ‘water’ was red, and the buttons were going to be pieces of fruit. It also feels more like jello to me. I believe I will probablly get back to the jello idea, but I may do a fishtank or underwater scene now that you brought up that perspective.

    Thanks again for the comments.

    # December 6, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    The flash navigation is great, brilliant idea, like you said yourself i would get some bubbles or fish involved.

    good job

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