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    I’m with bunch of bugs again :( . When I coded this site, at first everything was O.K, but when I statrted to style the tables, everything went wrong :( . So mabe you can help me, to fix them. I’m sending you the outlined bugs (so you can find put what’s wrong faster :) ).
    Site adress:

    [attachment=0]bug_varzybu_kalendorius_on FF3.jpg[/attachment][attachment=2]bug_naujausi_rezultatai_on_IE6.jpg[/attachment]



    And this one


    Chris Coyier

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    Conditional stylesheets are your friend man. You can target IE 6 specifically like this:


    You should include that AFTER your main CSS file, so these rules will over-ride those rules.

    Now you can start apply rules fixing up the page in IE 6 without worrying about screwing up other browsers. Looks like some of the problems you can solve my applying some negative "top" values (to bump stuff up). And you might have a double-margin float thing going on pushing your sidebar down, or a page element inside the other sidebar pushing it down. In any case, an IE 6 specific stylesheet should help you.



    Ok, but if you find how to fix a bug’s (the css come or xhtml) please let me know :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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