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    Hi all,
    Any idea on how to develop a 4-digit PIN login instead of a standard username/password on mobile devices.
    i.e. when you press the “login” button a swipe up screen pops up with the ability to tap the PIN in.
    It will be a simple look-up table to a database to associate the PIN to the user.


    We’re happy to help with getting your code working but we really need to see what you have so far.

    I’m sure that a proper Google Search would be of more use that a random request to a forum.


    thanks Paulie, i know it is random but i tried google searching and all i could find is banks pitching their mobile apps with PIN logins!


    yeah. horribly insecure, but straightforward.


    have you considered maybe giving each user a unique string of 5-8 random characters, including 0-9, a-z, and A-Z? It would be more secure than simple 4 digit PINs

    True, but not significantly more secure. Even 8-character passwords cannot be considered “secure” at this point: computers are just too fast. But nkrisc is right: even if security is not an issue, only four digits to identify users is going to cause problems very quickly (statistically speaking, simple typos will lead to people being mis-identified once you have two or more matching numbers in a pin).

    If you want any semblance of security, passwords need to be user-chosen, greater than eight characters (i.e., 16+ characters), and unrestricted in length and character choice. (And not famous “quotes” or song lyrics. : )

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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