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    they do it with javascript.. which is horrible! turn off javascript == no footer. bleh, google websites.. use them, never ever imitate them ^^

    try giving the body element “height:100%”, and the html element “overflow:hidden;” via CSS (the later turns off the scrollbar no matter what)… does that help?

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    Well, you can use JavaScript, and then scale your objects using % rather than fixed sizes such as px or em. I found a web page here . Hope it helps.

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    nice strawman. why do positioning with javascript when it can be done with CSS? that’s just silly.



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    “What strawman?”

    the strawman that I argued for javascript being bad, instead of saying it’s silly to use it in this case. you know, without it there being no frigging contact information and whatnot… they’re basically being hypocrites by doing this, too, since that’s hardly search engine friendly.

    “doing things with Javascript isn’t horrible, and shouldn’t be branded as such”

    see? I never said that. instead I said what I actually did say, and instead of responding to that or simply moving on, you guys are going on about strawmen.


    “In this case, sure, but not always.”

    see? who is talking about anything but this case? the OP asked “how does google do that”, “that” being that footer.

    who other than you two is talking about other cases? nobody. that’s the strawman. you are arguing against a position nobody is arguing for, and when I point that out you say “what strawman” and go on — wtf is that even. I hope the OP has their solution; you guys are just lost.

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