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    I have 2 questions. I’ve attempted to solve both myself for quite some time, but the knowledge required is still beyond my abilities at this point…… but I’m willing to learn. I apologize if the below 2 questions require too involved of an answer.

    Part 1:

    My WordPress template is based on a “grid.css”. The “header-block” at the very top of my page is in “grid 24, container 24” and is 950px wide. Is it possible to change it so it spans the whole width of the page; similar to this websites header?

    Part 2:

    I would like to move the navigation menu into the “header-block”. I realize that there’s a lot of things that I would have to address such as:

    • changing the height of “header-block” from the current 36px to 71px
    • relocating / editing the “header-widget-1” and the date stamp
    • creating code to position the nav menu
    • moving the logo & search bar
    • probably more that I haven’t even considered

    With the above in mind: (a) is the below listed code all that needs to be moved? & (b) where do I move it to?

    Thanks :)

    Bogdan Dimitrov

    Hi BryGuy,
    I think this code you posted is generated from WordPress. You probably took it from View sorce.

    To can some one help you first share which theme you use.
    Some of professional themes has options to reorganize site from admin.

    Second you probably will need to modify code in your theme header.php. Then you will need to modify or add new css rules in theme style.css or custom.css files.

    If site is live provide link. It will be easy for some one to help you.



    Hi bobastyle,
    The code I pulled was indeed from the “View Source” feature.

    The template is called “36235 – Infit Weight WordPress Theme” and my live site link is or you can view the unaltered live demo here.


    Bogdan Dimitrov

    Sorry BryGuy,

    This is commercial theme and I don’t have copy of it.
    Because it is not free I can’t download it to take a look at the code.
    It should be support for it from author.

    If you don’t get answer any where and if you can some how write me PM I will try to help you.

    Good luck.


    After a lot of fiddling around I figured it all out. It was a pain, but a great learning experience.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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