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    i recently created my first wordpress site and i’m trying to fix my footer, it looks perfect on computers and iPhone, but not iPad. The height is all messed up. Why? whats the difference between ipad and iphone, except the size? :-)

    My site:


    I would worry a little more about the size of your page really. A background image that’s 3.5MB? Ouch…..

    And erm, why would you want a footer that spans the whole page….?

    EDIT: it looks all bad on iPhone too.

    Don’t use widths of heights of 100% this way — iPhone will calculate that on the screen width, and when the page is zoomed in or out on load, the result may not be actual full width or height of the page, but just filling up the screen.

    For example, if the site loads and it’s zoomed in at 200% (you see only half of the page), then a 100% width will only fill up the screen, and not go all the way to the rest of the page; scroll/swipe to the right and you won’t see that 100% wide thing anymore.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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