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    Hi guys!

    I’m kind of new to css and web design in general, but I’m starting to get tiny bits of it.

    Anyway, I have some trouble with this design:

    I want the red banner to repeat X. But I also want it to expand in Y, if there is more content in other pages. (that will basicly be the same design)

    The footer is also a problem right now, but maybe the “sticky-footer-technique” can solve that. (Made a stupid thing with giving it a fixed height, but that doesn’t seem like a smart idea. )

    Here’s the work in progress adress:

    Any suggestions?


    Hey, looks cool! Why not just make that central red banner in 3 parts?

    Top div (height: 5px; (for example))

    Middle div (No need to set a height – it will just expand with the content. margin: 5px 0; )

    Bottom div (height: 5px;)

    That way the middle section will expand with the content and push the bottom div down with it. You can just tile the background image in the x and y axis on the middle div. You can use the same idea for the footer (without the bottom div obviously).



    John has the right idea for getting your background to stretch.
    Also the design looks really nice, but having your navigation way down below the fold like it is a little counter-intuitive to page layout. Just my two cents.


    Thanks Johnny!

    I’l try that! :-)

    Yeah, I know that the navigation is super weird :-/ But the thing is, my task is to freshen up an old site. And they want the same old structure. But I don’t want people surfing around on the page really. I’d rather want them to enter the shop, so that my customer sells more. So every page has a lot of links to the shop.

    Maybe a bad idea, but I’l have to stick with it now, since the customer OK’ed it! :-)


    hi guys!

    It seemed to work out fine! Especially since i learned about the “clear” property…

    Do you know any place where i can test in different browsers? Tested adobe browser lab, but it didn’t really work because it ignored the java-@font-face-bla-bla…



    just download all the browsers. less work than it sounds.


    OK, I’l do that!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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