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    Im trying to stylise text input areas on a website that have 1px borders and rounded corners, by accident I changed the border width in the css from 1px to 0.1px. In Safari the borders don’t render at all, which I assumed would be the result in all browsers. However in Firefox 3.6 the effect is very sleek keyline borders that are infact thinner than the previous ‘1px’ borders??

    Can anyone tell me how/why firefox is still showing a border that is thinner than my previous 1px border. How can you have less than a pixel on a screen, or is the 1px border actually larger than 1px? Also is there a way of achieving this effect in Safari or any other browsers?


    Great site by the way, fantastic resource.

    Rob MacKay

    I really wouldn’t go with anything that uses a fractions of pixels. I think the only browser that renders it is Firefox, and I don’t think it should as it offers a false hope lol.

    What I would do is use a lighter shade of the colour you are using for the borders. This will make it look thinner than it is anyway :)


    Thanks man, thought that might be the case. Think you’re right with the border colour, slightly different shade makes it a little more discreet. Cheers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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