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We have to realize that not everyone has same issues and use cases. Doesn’t really matter what Chris, George or We have to say about frameworks. You have to make the right assessment based on experience and project requirements.

If you’re working for someone, time is money, you might not be able to start from scratch. Adopting to a particular framework becomes essential.

While many (all) frameworks have bloat, we shouldn’t be worrying too much about that. There are other speed improvements to be made that would make more of an impact. Like images.

If you are still worried about bloat, you can still load enought CSS to get all the “above-the-fold” content visible on screen, then just conditionally load the rest.

There are many workarounds. Framework is just a tool. IMO. Just like a hammer, you could misuse it and miss the mark hitting your thumb. :)

It’s a tool. Use it to get fast mochups, demos, even production code you could go back to and refactor. Especially if you’re working for large-size business, shipping fast is essential.

Hope that helps.