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Has anyone actually gone from not using frameworks (everything was custom) to using frameworks and found it to be faster or better in some way?

Chris in 2008 said, “…CSS frameworks aren’t for me. I feel like all-said, CSS is a pretty simple language. I kinda like writing my own CSS. I don’t feel like a need any help and I can’t really picture any framework saving me loads of time. That’s just me though, and you should make your own call. “

A poll in 2009 revealed that over 50% of people don’t use CSS frameworks.

Inayaili de Leon, in 2011 wrote about it on Smashing Magazine saying,

As mentioned, “frameworks” are probably the dirtiest word in a CSS author’s vocabulary — or second dirtiest, after “Dreamweaver.” (Note: this article was written before the advent of Adobe’s Muse.)

Often when discussing the subject of this article, people walk away assuming that the message I am trying to get across is to use CSS frameworks. That’s not correct. But it isn’t entirely incorrect either. Let me explain.

Frameworks are an important tool in a CSS author’s repertoire. By that, I don’t mean that you should blindly use popular frameworks such as Blueprint or 960 Grid System. Sure, these frameworks have nailed some things, and we can certainly learn a lot from their flexibility and modularity, but it’s more important that you — especially if you’re on a team — adapt a framework to the needs of you, your company and your team.

The article also quoted Eric Meyers who said,

““You can’t identify a code craftsman by whether or not they use this framework or that language. You can identify them by how they decide which framework or language to use, or not use, in a given situation.” This statement couldn’t be closer to the truth. Discussing tools without context is pointless.”