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I just typed a huge response that got cut out by css-tricks… ohh well… short version…

You know, I’ve had a long post disappear after an edit as well. I also had two threads which I gave up on because they never appeared. Seems like a nice forum but a lot of features are left out here. Maybe that’s to cut down on load times, but I’m still seeing over 12 seconds on 3G, and over 5 seconds or more on a cached version.

In general I try to stay away from frameworks and only use the code that I need as I go along with the project.

I agree, and while I think Foundation is probably voted as the best one, frameworks tend to take away from original, creative designs. And that’s not mentioning that a large majority of web designers who use them don’t completely understand CSS. Some would say that with frameworks you don’t need to know how CSS actually works. However, I’d disagree and say that the more creative people in this industry most likely don’t use them.