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There you go girl! In my opinion you just need people to back your choice. In thruth Dave is right here that there is no best fit for any given situation. But when in doubt, i would go for any of the two named here. Let the nay-sayers say nay, that they are bloated is just only true for the full library included when using only bits. This is a feature, because they build a framework for a wide variety of purposes.

Having said that, using one of them can get the not so seasoned developper into the ‘duh’, ‘what-now’ or even ‘wtf, i’m going back myway’ if you’re not able to do the milage. Should you need some advice/guidance I think this really is off topic, just throw me an email [email protected]. I can show u what these frameworks are capable of in tomorrows technology AND be faster / leaner than 99.9% of them sites out there. The thing I ask in return is sharing your finding here in this forum for the Daves amongst us.