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AnnaLiv, if you search for “responsive html5 css3 framework” you’ll find lots and lots – too many.

Yes, that is the problem exactly!

@Arcturus Do you really recommend 25 frameworks? I know it depends on what’s required but I don’t have time to look into every single one and was hoping to narrow my investigation to a few tried & trusted suggestions rather than get an exhaustive list :) Deeve007 was so confident in his assertions that I assumed he had some specific recommendations, but he didn’t respond to anyone asking so maybe not…

@g.en.e My main requirement is a responsive grid system, I definitely don’t want themes. The hope is to find a framework or two that I can use for most/all projects. I need one to get a site up & running quickly so don’t have a lot of time to spend researching. After this project though I can spend more time if needs be.

I’m an experienced developer and I normally prefer to do a lot from scratch, but I also don’t see the point in re-inventing the wheel so I am open to using frameworks if they are suitable.

I’ve tried Skeleton and it might do the job, but I’ve had a look at Foundation (for the grid only) and it seems much more flexible than Skeleton, especially the block grid. Also, I may be wrong but Skeleton only works with breaks?

The main criticism I’ve seen for Foundation is that its bloated, but if I choose to only use the grid then that isn’t an issue. So I guess my question is are there any other negatives before I delve into it and hit a stumbling block?

(@CWS sorry for latching on to your thread!)