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Could you guys define bloated to me, so that I can understand what it is can be improved (by the team) to solve this problem?

In my opinion BS as well as Foundation are:

  • All features are coded completely separately, neatly separated into their separate source files (less/sass and js)
  • Css defs are the near prefect optimals (size-wise ) and functionally tested by a very wide range of users
  • Coded for ease of use for a wide group of users (css-naming that is)
  • BS: in some cases not yet optimally (semantically + reusability (dry) wise ) separated concerns (like colors, margins, paddings, gutters) in less and or even mixins. This is a wip, will become better in time. F4: dunno, haven’t studied it to this end yet.

The only thing you would need in my opinion is to study how to get the minimal / optimal base set you need for your design by:
– using the less base libs and comment out everything you don’t need.
– use their website and generate the prefab css subset.

And yes, I think skeleton does a good job in only taking the absolute minimum of defs needed for any site layout, no matter how robotic or artistic. Can’t comment on the quality, dryness or bug-free-ness over the browserflavours out there though.