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I agree on the at ‘confusing to read’ part, if you’re no regular user. I have rewritten my fully semantic clean front-end pages to div/section (interchangable) clutter only to get the responsive/adaptive features; And now i’ve done that I couldn’t come up with a cleaner setup. Responsiveness/adaptive setups are all about redundancy, either in complete sepearate sites or something that reorganises the visible parts of a page.

BS is faithfull to IE8, which should be dead by now, but still has 2-8% penetration. Once dead, BS like F4 will allow more semantic usage of the html5 spec, solving your problem partly;

The x-js files is your problem. I code my site as separate as I can. That results in hundreds of js files alone (SPA site with angular controllers, services, directives etc. etc.), loads of control packs (BS, mobiscroll, ui-bootstrap, custom themes etc etc), and per page less implentations to keep things as DRY and SOLID as can be. From a whats get served point of view I want the best pref / smallest payload possible; For that you must use some build-system or preprocessor helper. I use my own build-system that can bundle anything and can deploy bundle of bundles in any mode (dev, production, intermediate) or sometimes use prepros (win) for ease of usage / direct update.

What I end up with is that all these files get deployed into exactly 3 files for a full single page app (pretty complex stuff): 1 html file, 1 css, 1 js. I also load 2 google fonts separately, which I could include and use a web-api and mapbox. My Y-Slow v2 score is a 100 out of 100, google speed index 85, because I haven’t tweaked that part yet. Still in deep dev phase, will do later.