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Okay, I think I must make an appologise here; It is not my intention to offend people. I even learned that once offended, there is no room for anything you’ve said; Not the ugly, not the bad, not the good.

So here it is: I’m sorry for the harsh words; They were used in a conversation of blacks and whites, to clearify thruths that IRL are everything but. The stereotypes do not apply to you, nor to anyone here. I’ve seen so called script-kiddies do things I’ve not seen done by seasoned architects and vice versa. But we are living in a rapid changing world and these frameworks are an important building block. Not only web-dev, but very soon mobile dev will drop all its native bs for html5+ tech, as will desktop / cloud dev.

Anyways, dear deeve, I wish u a good day and I’m sure you’re a great guy IRL, as am I, according to my friends that really know me haha