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Off course I get that there is a whole lot of diversity out there. And I might even join your conclusion that BS of F4 is too big a step for the regular script kid. But in my opionion they should do what they do best: serve spaghetti at a very compatitive price.

Learning one of these frameworks is not to be taken lightly; It fills the gap that the W3C spec couldn’t solve in over 4 decades (counting from the early rank xerox days where all the html/xhtml/xslt/xpath spec are ultemately ancestors off). These frameworks provide clean ways to solve real live problems of ANY web developper. Not going into them will show every future problem the same over and over again; A nail, for a hammer is all u have.

Even for the lightest script kiddies amongst us I would advice: Invest in ur future and learn from the guys who did the milage. U will gain sick new insights by sudying the mixins, structures and components in the framework, enabling u too go there where no-one has gone before ;)