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I forgot to say to really get into the framework u must do the diggin. Diggin without the right tools is a garanty for failure. I’d suggest the following:

  • Learn BS3 (or F4). From their sites, or follow one of the great courses at lynda, pluralsight or even tuts.
  • Look for sites with ‘the xxx most needed extentions for [framework]’. Not only do they provide pluggable libs, they also broaden ur minds towards more posibilities with the gun u have, but do not quite fully understand yet.
  • Learn Less (BS) or Sass(F4), both excellent css pre-processors, where I would go for Sass as an architect (or mac) and for Less from a buisiness point of view (or Google, M$ and many many more)
  • Use a pre-processor language helper like Codekit (mac) or Prepros (PC) or go into the wild with bower/grunt, nodejs etc.
  • Use the best front-end web editor there is by MILES: JetBrain’s Webstorm (7 EAP) or one of its flavored cousins PHP-Storm, RubyMine or PyCharm. Beats the sh****t out of sublimetext 3, which is the second best today.
  • Buy some books about the framework, but only the latest and throw them away after 1 month, for they will be outdated.
  • Pickup some blogs about the subject.