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I always get these idiots who think they’re the only people in the world who can do web and try to charge me a lot, or LOTS of noobs or people who still makes websites with dreamweaver and flash.

I think you’ll find that pretty much anywhere. You just have to practice weeding people. Forums (like this one, for example) are decent resources if you are active on them – you have an opportunity to observe how well various members:

… communicate and interact with “clients” (members they are helping)

… solve problems

… write code

This is a great way to distinguish between people who are good at coding and pleasant to work with, and those that simply lurk on the forums, waiting for work. Obviously, this is only effective if you are a regular visitor – not if you just show up once.

Another thing to consider is what you offer. I don’t know how much you pay, so I’m not saying it is too little or too much – but in general, a big obstacle to finding good help is unrealistic budgeting. Make sure you’re offering fair compensation.