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Apologies Melindrea (coz putting your name as Belinda). The old thread post was gone after the reintroduction of the new CSS Tricks. So i’ve lost track of the exact names actually.

1) Agreed & has been done.

2) Agreed but still have doubt. May be because i’m used to my PC & the mouse ‘finger’ pointer subconsciously telling me it’s a link that i can explore. Being a button, i’m not sure if the mouse over effect will create enough urge to explore the link. But then again, smartphones, ipad & tablet doesn’t have any pointer so i guess you have a point LOL!

You are right, the menu will be missing in the wider layout. It still does even after i’ve switch to button. I’m not sure how serious is this but need to test it first between portrait & landscape. If i can see portrait & missing in landscape then i definitely need to do something.