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Leonhard Ortner

Hello AlexanderK,

At first glance looks good. Nice earth tones en drawings. working css and js.. so keep it up :)

THX ;)

Hello Harun,

Looks great! I love the texture and the overall concept. I dont know german, guessing its got something to do with green energy :)

THX and yes GreenEnergy ;)

i would not let the page scroll till everything is loaded…it looks disconnected when top part of the page is showing a loading spinner and bottom part is showing a few things already.

i now set the “preoader-div” position: fixed… so this should be good now…

i would snap the page to the horizontal sections as you scroll…

how do you mean this? i know there is a bug in my “smooth-scroll-snippet” in every non web-kit-browser the site jumps under the header… cant get it to work… maybe you got some codesnipet or idea? ;)

thx a lot guys!

wbr leo