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John Basile

I will strip or delete client identifiable stuff and long content lists. Here is the html, I can include css on the next post if you want.



<div id=”fullContainer5″>
<!– black brick outer edge –>
<div id=”leftEDGEbox” >
<section id=”leftEDGE” >

    <div id="body">
        <div id="header">
            <?php include('header.php'); ?> 

        <!-- Navigational block to resolve HorizNav position and nav alignment issues -->
        <nav id="horizontalNAVleft">
                    Add MidLeft, Center, AND midRIGHT Sections ahead of horizontalNAV to resolve conflict
                    with center container that blocks or interferes with child & GrandChild nav elements.  -->  
        <div id="midRightBACK"> 

         <?php include('right_bar.php'); ?>

                <div id="contentBACK">
                        <div id="content">
                            <div class="wrapper">
                                <h1>Welcome to ..!</h1>


Your Source for the Best Restoration and Parts for....

<div class="connected-carousels"> <!-- LARGE MAIN PHOTO SLIDER --> <div class="stage"> <div class="carousel carousel-stage">
</div> <!-- Comment out included credit from JQ FILE- MARC did not photo our CARS


--> </div> <div class="navigation"> <!-- SMALLER and Lower CAROUSEL w/ THUMBNAIL IMAGES --> <div class="carousel carousel-navigation">
</div> </div> </div> </div> <!-- END of CAROUSEL WRAPPER --> </center> <h2 align="center"> and repairs. Since 1980, enthusiasts have sought the expertise and craftsmanship only ..can provide. Our devoted and skilled staff have produced award winning vehicles at ..., is a recognized SAAC

Representative and NADA advisory board member, providing appraisals and consultation.</h2>

                        <div id="midLeftBACK">

                            <div id="midLeft">

        <!-- Start horizontalNAV (menu.php) code after Midleft and center sections to resolve conflict with center container that blocks or interferes with child nav elements      -->
        <?php include('menu.php'); ?>                                   

    </div> <!-- closes BODY div which is big box to hold header, center 3 columns and footer -->

    <div id="farRIGHT">

    <?php include('footer.php'); ?>

</div> <!-- closes fullCONTAINER5 which is big box for all columns except stop -->

<div id="stop"> <!-- An attempt at 2 functions.  A. To put an element that the 
                    outer columns supposedly stop at and B. to use a Red Line mark
                    to visualize what's going on  -->
    <table id="stop" >
            <hr />