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My concern was that if there were comprehensive existing libraries everyone uses and someone else might look at it and know what I’m doing that would be great instead of me just wild westing it and ending up with a totally weird set of just my own mixins no one would recognize.

In general, if there is a mixin, I use it. I’m not going to import an entire library or framework just for the one item, though; if it’s “that good” I’ll just pull it out and drop it in my own library. This also has the advantage of being a lot easier to do, when you’re just starting out. Your “custom” library will grow naturally over time.

Some of it is preference, too. I know compass is very popular, and very capable, but it’s too heavy for my taste and feels “clunky.” I use bourbon for the most part.

As @TheDoc says, includes and mixins are different. And don’t forget about functions.

(or at least every cohesive team’s is the same, right?)

lolz, go read this thread