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I think @jurotek hit it when he said that AWD has different layouts for various breakpoints. (Whether they are served different layouts or it happens client-side is an implementation detail.)

I’ve always considered that pure RWD actually. :)

Basically, AWD is like having two or three different fixed, non-responsive layouts and which is used changes based on device/ screen size.

So when my site is fixed 1000 pixels wide for screens above 1200 pixel-wide screens, and it’s fixed 300 pixels wide for screens below 1200 pixel-wide screens….does that make it adaptive?

That’s what I understand from your description. The breakpoint being 1200 px, and the two layouts being fixed width.

But I also don’t care much about attaching labels to what I do – worry more about how it looks/ works.

THIS. I fully agree. The end result matters. Whether it’s called responsive, adaptive or whateverive, and whether the breakpoints happen at 1024/768/576/480/320 or 1111/943/601/447/333, to me the only thing that matters is that things look good on any screen/device.