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Hi guys, this is all interesting stuff and I can agree with points you’ve all made. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual situation. Actually it’s not entirely free, he pays me a small fee to spend time with him every week going over changes I’ve made and giving him some advice etc… I like what Allen said about over delivering as that is exactly what I’m trying to here.

I also see this is a kind of education for myself. Once I’m out in the real world as a web designer, I need to be able to meet the needs of my clients with confidence. If I’m still struggling with cms at that point, I’m going to be pretty screwed.

Anyway, I am currently playing around with CodeIgniter and WordPress. I’m pretty sure I could migrate the site over to WordPress, my concern is whether I can make it function in the way I need to.. my php skills are minimal. Also, can I create unique pages such as an about page with its own styling etc? I’m sure the answer is yes, so in that case, I need some pointers on how to do that..
Would it be similar to the process of creating archive pages etc?

Many thanks for all the help :)