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I posted this before seeing the last two responses. I actually commented on the issue about halfway down.

Yep, tried it. It doesn’t seem to be fixing all the issues I’m seeing.

Sorry to hear it. Does the example page (the page you linked to) work on IE8? If so, then it’s a problem with you implementation.

I’ll see if I have some time in the next few days to try and check this out.

As indicated, I don’t understand how Compatibility View works…

Basically, compatibility view is all about backwards-compatibility. MS wants to build better browsers, but also doesn’t want to look like they’re “breaking” all of the existing sites that rely on IE getting things wrong.

All it is is a way of “opting-out” of the things they’ve fixed. So if, for example, your site was designed for IE7 and is a huge mess in IE9, you can tell IE9 that you liked all those broken features and please don’t fix them.

… I can’t use Browser Stacks because the pages aren’t deployed on a server that BrowserStacks can access.

Browserstack does allow testing local files, even if you aren’t running a local server. (Not pushing this, just saying that it is possible.)

After reading the response from that first guy, who chose to devote most of it to a patronizing lecture about process without knowing the political situation and feature creep that I’m dealing with …

Do you mean @Senff? His response was actually quite helpful. In some situations, starting over from scratch takes less effort than trying to “backport” an existing solution. And it is certainly good advice for future projects.

As for the politics, right, we don’t know about that. But, by that same token, you can’t expect us to be sensitive to an issue we aren’t aware of.

Feature Creep is something everyone has to deal with. Are you a contractor, or an employee? If you’re a contractor, you should have details like this in your contract. That’s less practical as an employee, but in this case, it would be best to bring up the issue as soon as possible (knowing that most of the company still uses IE8) and get a firm answer from your boss.

Seems most web developers are on some kind of permanent mission to prove they know more than you, know what I mean?

Yes, and there are definitely people like that in this field. In any field. Plus, we’re on the internet.

But there are also many times where this is not actually the case. Consider that much of what looks like rudeness is not intended to give offense, but simply to address questions clearly and directly. Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is not actually the answer you need, and people really are being helpful by pointing that out.

On good forums (and this is a good one), real rudeness is called out and quashed by the mods and/or other members. If you really are unhappy in this field, then I would encourage you to switch tracks. But if you enjoy it, don’t give up. : )