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Have you seen the note on the gridforms github page? He recommends using respond.js for IE8 compatibility.>

Yep, tried it. It doesn’t seem to be fixing all the issues I’m seeing.

How could you expect IE8 to know IE9 even exists?>

Because MS has actually been paying attention to the browser space the last couple of years and I was hoping against hope that maybe they’d retrofitted some features that could do something like that?

As indicated, I don’t understand how Compatibility View works. I had previously used one app at a contract that installed all versions of IE all the way back to 7 and was able to test things out that way, but can’t remember the name and none of my coworkers know anything about it.

I’ll try out that Vm, thanks. But I can’t use Browser Stacks because the pages aren’t deployed on a server that BrowserStacks can access.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. After reading the response from that first guy, who chose to devote most of it to a patronizing lecture about process without knowing the political situation and feature creep that I’m dealing with, I was beginning to wonder if this place was any use. Seems most web developers are on some kind of permanent mission to prove they know more than you, know what I mean? Another reason I’m working on a career change out of this idiotic field.