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I think the problem is that in your #page1container you set a min-height and a max-height of 700px and according to the specs you can’t then base a percentage height inner element on min or max height.

#page1Container {
    max-height: 700px;
    min-height: 700px;

Try setting a height instead of the min and max because effectively that’s what you are saying anyway when you use both with the same unit value:


#page1Container {
    height: 700px;

I would think that in this instance Chrome was the one doing it wrong :) (Assuming my guess is correct of course).

I think you may also find that once that is working you will have other problems as inner heights will start working and I see you are throwing in a number of 100% height + padding which will result in a greater height than you think.

You will then probably need to remove height:100% from #page1Background .