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Well, have a look at this section:

<?php // if there are recaptcha errors show a message ?>
  <?php if ($captchaErrorMsg){ ?>
    <p>Captcha error. Please, type the check-words again.</p>
  <?php } ?>

That error message is output to the page, so we know that the PHP is catching the error correctly.

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When I checked your page this morning, it correctly showed the error message, but it does not do so any longer. Have you made any changes?

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The form is designed in away that …

Not exactly.

If you take a look at the docs, you’ll see that the script provides “hook” classes for to allow you to create such style rules. The recaptcha_only_if_incorrect_sol class seems like the best choice to use in this case (there is an example implementation right above the section I linked to).