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I really like the idea of the elevator & the cartoons are very nice.

But aside from that I found it very difficult to use your site at first because I somehow exspected it to work like a parallex scrolling site but that to use that navigation (and everybody here works with websites, so I would think “normal” users would have even more problems). Also the eye button doesn’t look like it has anything to do with your navigation, maybe you could just make an “>” for hiding right next to the navigation.

Another thing is accessibility. I am a little bit farsighted and found you font-size way to small and you have no buttons to increase it.

Furthermore I also found a bug while using your site. If you click on on of “Our Campaings => Political” and then hold your scrolling wheel down and navigate to the right without closing the “political” window and open “Corporate”, this is the result . Once I’m at this point I can’t close any of the windows and can’t scroll to the sides holding down the scrolling wheel.