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Thank you for your response and help. I really value your opinion. I am not sayin your trying to convince me of anything lol I just like to ask in depth to get a better understanding of the “why” your saying certain things. I am trying to expand my small understanding of web design and one of the ways is by lots of negative feedback :-).

  • The first two things I will be working on are :

1.) changing the fonts and narrowing them down to only two.

2.) changing the body background

I have some questions though if you dont mind helping :-)

1.) In webdesign the body background of the website does it generally dictate the color of the entire website? like for example if my background is a blue gradient then I have to have blue shades in the content colors ?

2.) I cannot figure this out using Css ,- For example: I want to have an image take up 10% of the body background and then I want to have a solid color take up the remaining 90 % of the body background. How would I code this useing just css? In firefox if you look at my body css useing firebug you will see something like

body{ url of image } repeat transparent;

something to that affect. So what would I need to add on to create my desired background?

Thank you for helping me again