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@janet4now and lrelia – Thank you so much for your kind words. So I have some questions about your advice , and I would love feedback on what I write , thanks for helping me:

1.) “The background” – Ok so I see you do not like the wood grain because you do not think it is a good fit. The thing is it is a liquor store website , shouldn’t the background have something to do with a liquor store? I searched hours upon hours before settling on this wood grain background and then added a background wine stain to it ( near the footer). The wood grain background actually matches the floor of my fathers liquor store when you walk inside. So that’s why I settled on that , plus wine is kept in wooden barrels, whiskeys etc all have to do with wood. So I though this background was a much better match then a bland one color background or a gradient that just has nothing to do with a liquor store. Even browsing other liquor store websites I noticed many also go with wood textures.

2.) janet4now , you said you don’t like the different type styles going? Is this referring to font-styles like Georgia , times new roman etc? If it is , does a website generally stick to 2 or less ? and I do believe I only use Georgia primarily with one ( so far) Comic Sans MS heading.

3.) As for putting color into my header that will be tough to make it flow because the logo image I was given was not a Png , so I can not nor do I no how to change the background of the logo which is like an off white , so I went with a white header for the illusion that it blends in.

4.) “by using a template that works with your color scheme and content” – I am using the WordPress Graphene theme and I have created a child theme with which I work with to modify the site. Is this what you are referring to?


Thank you for the kind words :-)

1) for the color I have on my website I have kept it to the triadic color scheme I got when using Kuler by Adobe .

Its as follows:
White: # ffffff

Red/orangish color ( focal color to draw the eyes) : # Ef4939

Black/grey: # 333333

And That’s about it I believe.

I honestly believed that this color scheme made the site look elegant. What do you think is a better fit?
I went with the red/orange color to purposely highlight product- was this not accomplished?
I went with a triadic color scheme. Should I change color schemes or just the actual colors and keep it triadic?

  • I read up briefly on color theory ( I will get more into it with time) and I chose the red to capture the eye, the grey is neutral so it evokes no emotion. I tried to keep it simple.

Thanks for taking your time to help me, I hope to hear back from you again.