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You post is a little difficult to follow. What is your native language (perhaps someone here could help translate)? Have you considered using Google translate for your question?

What I understood:

…You are interested in web design

…you have learned some html, css, and php,

…you do not understand how to use all of these technologies together to build a complete website.

Is this correct?

This is a very broad question, and it does not have a simple answer, besides “practice, practice, practice.”

HTML is for providing the content (text, photos, links, etc.) and defining their structure (topic, a paragraph, another paragraph, page navigation, footer, etc.).

CSS is for styling your content (building a layout, colors, and so forth).

PHP is very different than either HTML or CSS: it is a programming language, whereas html and css simply describe your webpage so the browser can understand and display it.

The simplest way to describe PHP is that it writes HTML. You can use it to write different HTML depending on user input, time of day, and many other things. You might use it only for templating (e.g., inserting the user’s name in a document or adding content from a database), or you might use it to create a fully featured web application.

It would be best to choose a project first—something specific, so you have a goal to work towards, and you can ask specific questions when you need help. What kind of website do you want to make?