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There has been so many discussions about this on these forums.

I’ll just add:

Learn as much as possible about the process. Know that when starting out, no matter what the business is, it takes good 2-3 years before you really start turning profit. In the beginning you will make mistakes (including pricing your self). When you make mistakes, you can then evaluate things better and come to your own conclusions of what to charge, and how to structure your business. You also have to take into account your living situation. For example, I have two kids, and I value my time way more than what I used to when I was single. I have to put food on the table, pay for car, pay for house… as you can see I have to take those things into consideration, because if I don’t I would be wasting my time. Your situation might be different. That is why it’s hard to say what you should charge. In addition to other unknown variables. Hope that helps, -Alen.