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I live in Victoria! Would love to know the service you signed up for.

It was Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate. Back when I tried my hand at affiliate marketing, I decided to use a name I came up with for a creative agency to sign up at the website.

He was never actually rude; just stated that they do not delete profiles. Why that is? I’m not sure maybe for exposure, but that doesn’t really explain why he couldn’t answer my question as to why I couldn’t use the free account feature to edit my information, or possibly delete it.

In fact, the tactics that were being used to get me to pay more money, were almost in a sense like what Alen mentioned: extortion. Of course, he did not delete the URL with my company name idea, but Google has indexed it as one of the top results for the name, which was one of the main reasons I wanted it taken down.

I’m planning in the future once I’m well established as a freelancer, to possibly use that name to start the company. It’s a name that no one has really used for anything, so I’m hoping to keep it free and clear of online associations.

Anyhow, that’s my story and don’t really have anything negative to say about Kyle or his company, other than I’m not quite sure what he is doing with free accounts after they cancel their paid membership, or why they do not have the option to delete user data.