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Hi, I’m coding a site and I’m using the “mobile-first” approach since it’s responsive. I have a slider which I don’t like to be visible in mobile version, right now I just made it display: none and I just make it visible on 600px up. So all assets(images,tags,etc) are downloaded still in mobile, right?


How should I do this? Could I inject all html code for my slider using javascript when width = 600px up? How can I fire that javascript in css media queries?

I would keep it the way it is. It’s going to be a b**tch to inject HTML when it’s 600 and up without reloading the page (imagine when you have a tablet that’s 400 wide in portrait mode, and then you change orientation into landscape mode — all of a sudden you’ll need to inject HTML). In essence, that’s the “basic” way to go with media queries: showing and hiding stuff.

Then again, maybe I’m just lazy. ;)