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If you are an individual freelancer should you try to present yourself as a company or as an individual?

Are you a company or an individual?

The website URL you own is not your name but it is a company sounding name say … you have a URL that seems like a company.

A domain name is not the same as a company name or individual name. You might choose a domain name that is the same as your name or company name, but they are not the same thing.

Which is best do you think? Which will bring in the most customers? Which will allow you to charge more money?

These questions are pointless without context. In general, I would say that your presentation is less important than how you actually behave – be professional, friendly, and engaging. Build good customer relationships. Do good work.

This is best, brings more customers, and will allow you to charge more money.

There are no “tricks” to becoming successful.