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Some good examples of Helvetica (and Arial) on screen…

I can’t disagree with Arial even if it is a poor copy of Helvetica. It was specifically designed for the screen but in my opinion, not my cup of tea. However, your argument for Helvetica is not strong. While it may be “good” for you does not hold true for everyone (especially those with disabilities). You may want to read the statistical facts presented via the link that was posted. Now, no one is stopping you from using it but there are far better alternatives.


Yeah, in print.

To the rest, I’ll leave it here with a quote from Stephen Coles:

“Some typefaces are simply not optimal for reading at small sizes, regardless of render quality or substrate. It has to do with weight, spacing, openness of letterforms, and most importantly rhythm. Neue Helvetica is known for its strict uniformity. This makes it appealing for big, graphic stuff like headlines, posters, and logos, but does not make it a great text or UI face.”