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Wondering why this type of question deserves such a sarcastic remark …

@R we heard you the first time. If you’re really anxious for an answer, I will say that – while I can’t speak for the author – I don’t think the sarcasm in this remark was directed specifically at the font (heaven forbid), but rather at the conversation in general. Further, I did not interpret it as derogatory, but as good-natured teasing. It’s clear that Joe_Temp started this thread with a pretty lighthearted tone.

It’s the use of Helvetica at small sizes that hinder its legibility

Agreed. True of many fonts.

If Helvetica looked bad on all screens, it wouldn’t be one of the most popular fonts in the world.

@JoshJohnson so, you’re saying that, back in 1957 (or even the mid-60s, when it became popular internationally), they already knew how Helvetica would render on various computer screens?

Helvetica is popular in the web world because it was already popular in the design world. That, and Apple.