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First of all thank you for your post, traq.

But most of what you posted is irrelevant, since I only posted the most basic version I could think of.

1) Yes, in the script I posted I’m not. But I thought someone might think so and just wanted to prevent such comments.

2) I already tried escaping the string, but that didn’t do anything. But I haven’t used the urlencode function so far, so I guess I’ll give that a try. But even if I manually enter the escaped text in the adress bar, it gets omitted somehow in the $_GET variable and that is my real problem here.

3) Maybe I should have seperated the two code lines more obviously. They are not in the same script and I guess I’m quite familiar with how PHP and Javascript work, so I would suggest you to concentrate more on my problem here and not to try teaching me how the web works, thank you very much.

My script is far more complicated when the two lines I posted, but I narrowed it down to them and I just don’t understand why it doesn’t work, since this should be really easy.