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What is this thing called FTP?


I don’t have a virtual machine set up because I question the security of it.

I’m with @Alen; not sure what there is to question.

As for testing in Windows/Mac, understood. I actually have Windows on an old laptop that I keep around for testing purposes (though I access it through my local network). I’ve been thinking about getting an old mac at some point, but I probably won’t—browserstack more than meets my needs.

I am picking up an old iPhone, though, and I need to get a blackberry from somewhere after that. (already have an android tablet.) Emulators just don’t cut it when it comes to mobile devices.

A “staging” site is a good thing anyway, though you should have already finished your dev+debugging by that point and have only a quick testing suite to run through.

Photoshop I could do without but Illustrator is instrumental in Logo Design. I guess I could use Inkscape but I know and like Illustrator. I feel like the learning curve would be too steep.

The curve isn’t too steep, but things are different enough that Inkscape would feel like “a step back” until you were really comfortable with it. And Inkscape is definitely not as feature-rich as Illustrator.